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A configurable chat app for multiplayer mode. In this old version, settings are changed by editing the
settings.ini file.

Download: xychat-current.7z

Demonstration video (YouTube) | XyChat discussion on the official AC forum (requires login)

XyChat version: 0.2.9
AC version: 0.10.2
Date: 4th Jun 2014

- Click the window background to toggle log buttons and text input.
- Log/Live button toggles between chat history and live chat.
- Prev/Next scroll chat history.
- All settings and ignores can be changed on the fly and updated with
    the rld button, without closing acs.exe

Typing long messages
- It is possible to send a message longer than the 64 character limit of the input box.
- Pressing the ENTER key when the input box is FULL will allow you to keep adding to the same message.
- Press CTRL-BACKSPACE and then ENTER in an EMPTY input text box to return to the previous "line".


- Excludes.ini: when a message with a word/phrase from this is detected,
    that message is not shown at all. I.e., entering someone's nickname
    will cause that player to be ignored.

- MSG_COLOR:	Message colour,6-char hex, e.g. 3344FF.
- MY_COLOR:	Own nickname colour, 6-char hex.
- DRIVER_COLOR:	Other nickname's colour, 6-char hex.
- LINE_LENGTH:	Message length per line, no. of characters.
- ROW_COUNT:	Number of vertical rows.
- BG_OPACITY:	Background transparency in percent. 0 = completely transparent, 1 = solid.
- ALIGN:	Aligns nicknames and messages. LEFT, RIGHT or COMBINED_RIGHT
    - LEFT:	Nicknames are to the left of messages, text is aligned to the left.
    - RIGHT:	Nicknames are to the right of messages, text is aligned to the right.
    - COMBINED_RIGHT: Nicknames are prefixed to the messages. MY_COLOR and DRIVER_COLOR are
		used, MSG_COLOR is ignored.
- SHOW_TIME:	Idle time in seconds before messages are hidden. 0 = messages are always
- SAVE_LOG:	Save log to file. 0 = log is not saved. 1 = log is saved.
- SCALE:	scales the interface. Steps of +/- 0.5 recommended.
- FOCUS_INPUT:	Automatically focus input box when window is clicked to show controls.
		0 = input box is not focused. 1 = input box is focused.
- HIDE_AFTER_SEND: Controls are automatically hidden after a message is sent. 0 = controls 
		remain visible. 1 = controls are hidden.